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20 Design Thesis Topic Ideas You Might Want To Explore

Writing a design thesis paper can be an interesting and exciting task. While writing a thesis in the social sciences or arts subjects is highly theoretical, a design thesis involves both theoretical and practical or hands-on aspects. This is what makes the task unique and exciting. However, one of the greatest challenges faced by most design students is deciding on the topic. Your topic needs to be original, creative or innovative and practical. If you need help coming up with a topic, here is a list of 20 design thesis topic ideas you might want to explore.

  1. Designing a collision detection and avoidance system for neutron dispersion experiments
  2. Designing a mutually dependent profile tracking structure for neutron dispersion experiments
  3. Designing a remote controlled device for maintaining a constant level of TV volume
  4. Designing a child detector and notification gadget for school buses
  5. Designing an environmentally sustainable system for disposing computers
  6. Designing a single-player foosball table
  7. Designing a nano-motor
  8. Designing a field computer tomography (CT) scanner using an alternative radioactive source other than X-rays
  9. Designing a quality assurance system for verifying the operations of light and audible alarms in unsafe working environments
  10. Designing a speedometer or odometer for kayaks and canoes
  11. Designing a low-cost ventilation monitoring system for verifying air exchanges in an accelerator room
  12. Designing electronic data coding keys for use in pipeline inspection logs
  13. Designing an autonomous control system for automobiles
  14. Designing an online integrated remote-controlled mechanism for doors and windows for the elderly and invalids
  15. Designing an electric fence that is solar-powered
  16. An evaluation of graphic design in the twentieth century
  17. Redesigning the cell-phone for the elderly: An investigative study
  18. Design challenges in mart homes: An investigative study
  19. An investigation into the influence of the design of pediatric units on the nurse’ fatigue
  20. Fusing Contemporary interior product designs and traditional crafts

All the above topics can make for a great thesis. However, the field of design covers many fields that range from engineering, architecture, interior design, software design and technical design, to fashion design. Depending on your field, you can always use your creativity and think of a problem that needs a design solution to develop an interesting thesis. Additionally, you need to be innovative and look at the current limitations or shortcomings in the design of an object or software to come up with a better design.