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A List Of Interesting English Literature Dissertation Ideas

Whilst it can sometimes be difficult to think of good topic ideas for various essays, when it comes to English literature, due to it being such a wide ranging of subject, sometimes the difficulty is not so much thinking of ideas, but narrowing them down into one that you’d most like to write about. However, if you are struggling for ideas then the following outlines various approaches that you can take with your essay.

Writing papers based on various authors

You may wish to base your essay on your favourite author or authors. For example, you may wish to do an in-depth study into the life and work of a particular author, or you may wish to compare two authors and how they’ve inspire each other or, alternatively, you can compare and contrast their work.

Basing your paper on a specific piece of literature

Rather than basing your work on a specific author, you may wish to look at a specific piece of literature. For example, your paper could be about your favourite book, especially one that is seen as being highly influential. You may even wish to compare different books from a certain series, or from the same genre.

Comparing literary eras in your essay

As well as comparing authors or literary works, you may even wish to compare literary eras as part of your paper. For example, you may wish to see what similarities exist between two different eras, as well as any contrasting differences. This can be a great approach to take as it gives you a wide range of topics to talk about.

To give you the bit of further inspiration, you can look at the various topics and titles listed below. It may be that you would quite like to write your essay based directly on one of the titles listed, or the titles may simply provide you with inspiration to think of your own.

  • The life and works of Jane Austen
  • An analysis of symbolism used in Lord of the Flies
  • Character development in Brighton Rock
  • How does Ebenezer’s character develop in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?
  • How do the roles of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth cross over?
  • A character profile of Hamlet and similarities with any of Shakespeare’s other characters
  • A history of English literature
  • English literature in the Elizabethan and Jacobean period
  • A study of leading authors in modern English literature
  • A comparison of styles between British and American literature
  • An analysis of Milton’s Paradise Lost and his take on the monarchy