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Creating A Great Dissertation For Educational Management

Educational topics and trends come and go. The best school administrators and faculty are always looking ahead a few years to see what trend is coming down the pipes. The good news, if you are a candidate for an Educational Management degree, is that there is no shortage of topics for your dissertation. Look at these places first:

  • Current and retired teachers
  • Professional magazines
  • The collegiate library which specialize sin the field
  • Conferences and workshops in the field
  • Website which specialize in the field
  • Current and retired school administrators

Once you have looked around, you will see that there are also many industry newsletters that you can subscribe to for free of charge. Additionally, many newspapers have a section devoted strictly to the field. Here are some sample fresh and innovative ideas:

  • Teaching like a pirate-new ideas for delivering traditional content
  • Genius or down hour-what is this and how does it affect the classroom
  • Ipad classrooms-do they work or not
  • Laptop classroom-do they work or not
  • Schools without department heads-no leader seems to be a philosophy that is working
  • Say no to common core standards-large districts and prestigious schools are dropping them, why
  • Classrooms without walls-no walls, how could this work
  • Removing computer labs from schools because of Wi-Fi-are labs now obsolete
  • Too young to teach-can a person less than 25 years old actually have the life skills to be a teacher
  • Who is guiding your curriculum-it should be the teachers, not a person in a business suit up front in the office
  • Cutting the Fine Arts-why would we cut the Fine Arts-these valuable classes must remain
  • Keeping your autonomy in a public school-how and why this is important
  • Charter schools-are they working and are they supported too much by big business
  • Keeping the kids in school –how do we identify kids at risk and keep them in school
  • Recess and its importance-young kids need to exercise every day
  • Identifying a bully-what to do once you find him
  • The current movers and shaker sin the field-explore some of the new faces in the field
  • One of the pioneers of the past in the field-do a write up on an important person in the industry

Use the listed locations in order to obtain research and to pick a topic. If you are unable to find a subject for your educational management dissertation use one of these innovative and fresh ideas listed.