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The main purposes of writing a thesis

Research is an important part of graduate education programs. The thesis is the final piece of the puzzle and the final step of the degree. It's the culmination of graduate work, and is the review of the research and studies that have been done throughout the degree. Many students are surprised to find that their thesis is not written for their instructors but rather for a committee that reviews all thesis papers written by students. Methods for research and citation, circumstances surrounding the program, and personalities of the committee members can vary and this can make the simple process of writing much more challenging. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure progress is made and that the thesis is written to the specifications and in a way that communicates the intent and research findings effectively.

A Master’s Thesis gives a chance for students to plan, finish, explain, and report their research findings. The thesis that is turned in must not have been previously published, and must be conducted and written with the guidance and direction of someone from Graduate Faculty Major Advisory and the Graduate Advisory Committee. When a student finished their thesis, they can get credit hours that count towards their degree completion. Usually the thesis is worth around 6 credit hours but some programs give more or less credit towards the thesis.

Master’s is suppose to show that the student has worked on their chosen topic and that they have a strong knowledge and understanding of the topic and their general field of study.

The work will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Understanding and comprehension of important current work that is going on in their field .
  • Ability to plan research and carry it out in an effective and organized manner.
  • Knowledge and motivation for their overall research and goal focus.
  • The ability to analyze research results, data, and findings and present them effectively.
  • Ability to reach conclusions from their research that are logical and comprehensive.
  • Write a well organized and complete report of their findings and experiences during the project.
  • To do all of the required work on their own with no plagiarism or questionable actions.
  • Ability to complete their thesis and any presentations or reviews required by the committee.

The purpose of having a student write a thesis is to serve as a physical documentation of a student’s scholarly research ad study for their chosen field. The thesis structure an requirements that the committee and directors implement are intended to assist with the teaching the student how to present researching findings in a clear and concise manner. Also the thesis can serve as a future reference for the student in their career field down the road.