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Online PhD thesis – how to find an interesting sample?

Any college and postgraduate student who is contemplating undertaking a PhD will know that this is no easy task. Simply the selection of the topic can be a taxing and much discussed undertaking. But assuming you have permission to proceed with your PhD thesis and the topic has been agreed upon, what sort of online help is available?

We learn by rote. This is a basic educational activity which has been practiced for thousands of years. Even today within the high end situation of postgraduate qualifications, rote learning has its place. The main benefit of course being that you can see how others have done what you plan to do. You can read and digest the content and structure of many a PhD thesis. You would be particularly advised to look for online examples where the thesis has been widely and warmly appreciated. The technique and the style used by your successful predecessors is good to note.

Where can you find this online help?

Blogs are an ideal starting point. There are people who have written a PhD thesis and who have blogged about it. There are people who offer assistance for anyone contemplating a PhD thesis. Being able to communicate with other students, being able to read about their experiences, their successes and failures, is potentially an excellent learning experience. Not only can you obtain practical tips but you can also obtain assistance with attitude, by being encouraged and inspired.

Websites have been set up by individuals and institutions to assist PhD thesis students. They range in quality but exploring such websites is really a waste of time. Knowing the sort of help you want is the best starting point and by narrowing the search on your search engine you will more quickly arrive at the most relevant websites.

Individuals have made an interesting collection of online examples. Because undertaking a PhD thesis is such a lengthy and time-consuming process, many people who have successfully completed the task have a desire, even an urge to talk about it and to offer their help. Just as a person training horses has become known as the ‘horse whisperer’, so too a person helping PhD students reach their goal or improve their material has become known as the ‘thesis whisperer’. It takes all sorts.

The beauty of the Internet is its availability and accessibility for every PhD student no matter where they are located throughout the world. There most certainly are many wonderful examples of work you should read for a variety of reasons. Fortunately almost all are freely available.