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Where To Go Looking For A Good Sample APA Dissertation

An APA dissertation will be quite different than a MLA one. It has a different method of in-text citations, different pieces, and tends to lend itself to science and math subject papers. If you can look at a sample, then you will know exactly what the piece should look like. However, modeling after a poor and inaccurate example is not a smart move. There are several places where you can go to look for these pieces.

Places to Look

  • Writing Companies
  • You can hire a business to show you models of good papers. You can also hire the company to help you with the outline, the research, the rough draft, the final draft, or proofing. You can use a writing company that is local or employ an online group for your needs. Ask your friends if they can recommend a group.

  • University Writing Sites
  • Many colleges have a writing site that links to the school site that has MLA and APA instructions and examples. These seem to be open to the public in most cases. You can rest assured in using a piece that is deemed good enough to put on a high profile collegiate page.

  • Your College Writing Lab
  • The college lab is often overlooked. A good lab will have an archive of nice examples of all styles of writing, computers for use, an editing service, and graduate students who are qualified to help. Some college writing labs are actually open for your use 24/7.

  • Your Dissertation Faculty Advisor
  • If your advisor is new to the dissertation game, he or she may not be able to help you. However, an experienced dissertation advisor will have many samples for you to review. He or she will also be able to help you edit your paper, as well. You should be on a working basis with your advisor and be able to be comfortable enough to ask for help when you need it.

As you prepare to author this most important paper, look at writing companies, university writing sites, college writing labs, and ask your advisor for help. Remember, you may end up publishing some or all of this paper. The paper is an entrance into the business world and many of the industry experts will read it. One of these four places will provide you with the model that you need in order to compose a great dissertation.