Crafting A Dissertation In Architecture: 10 Points To Consider

Writing a dissertation in architecture is pretty much the same as writing any college paper. It is only the content of the paper that will be different. However, as a general rule, there are some basic guidelines for writing your paper. Here are ten points to consider when writing your dissertation in architecture:

  1. Clarify with your lecturer or tutor exactly what they are looking for and the format in which they want the paper to be written.
  2. Have a plan – before beginning to write your architecture dissertation, write out a plan. This will guide your writing process.
  3. Write a draft – it is a good idea to write a draft of your paper. This will continually change throughout your writing process until you have your final copy.
  4. Title - This will be a question or a statement relevant to the topic which has been set.
  5. Introduction – the introduction will set the overall tone of the paper. It is a good idea to relate the introduction to the title and also to the question being asked.
  6. Body – the body of your paper will contain the most amount of information, so it is best to write short, easy to read sentences. Also, keeping paragraphs short and concise will help to retain the attention of the reader. Throughout the body, make sure you refer back to the original question or statement in the title and introduction.
  7. Research – you will show throughout your paper that you have carried out extensive reading. This will demonstrate that you have a sound knowledge of the topic question and that you have the ability to evaluate the information you have gathered. It will also establish your ability to use this information to answer your topic question.
  8. Original ideas – Putting forth some original ideas will demonstrate to your markers that you have a thorough understanding of the topic and have the ability to develop some of your own ideas.
  9. Conclusion – a strong conclusion will summarise and emphasise some of the main points that you have made throughout your paper. This will leave a lasting impression in your lecturer’s mind.
  10. Finish early – try to finish your paper a few days before the due date. Put it aside, and then re-read it with a fresh mind. There may be some minor adjustments you wish to make before submitting it.

Consider these points and your writing project will be easy to craft. Soon, you will have your dissertation completed and can sit back and relax.