A Simple Tutorial on How to Write Doctoral Dissertations

It may seem that writing a doctoral dissertation is an incredibly difficult task. To some extent, this is true, but there are some tools that can help you with this task, like tutorials. Creating a good PhD dissertation will require a great deal of work and complete dedication from you.

The following tutorial should help you make the things a bit easier:

  • Choose the right topic.

    Bear in mind that many prospective employers won’t bother reading anything but the topic of your dissertation from the CV. This means that you need to choose a topic that will be able to impress other professionals in the field.

    It must also be interesting for you personally, as this will make writing much easier.

  • Set up a research/writing schedule.

    Working on a doctorate dissertation will take months. To make sure that you don’t miss any deadlines and increase the overall quality of your work, you will need to plan your research/writing time. You should work on the paper every day to increase your productivity.

    If you manage to turn writing into a habit, you will be able to get rid of procrastination and improve your writing skills significantly.

  • Revise the paper carefully.

    Once you are finished with the initial draft, you will need to evaluate the paper objectively. Careful revision will allow you to spot the weaknesses in your arguments and improve the content of the paper.

    Do not rush the revision process as it’s imperative to go over every issue if you want the dissertation to be perfect.

    You should stop yourself from trying to edit and revise the paper at the same time. This will disperse your attention and will only make you miss more mistakes.

  • Edit the paper professionally.

    In order to eliminate all grammar, stylistic, and spelling errors, you will need to check the paper for one thing at a time. Considering the size of a dissertation, you may want to employ a professional writing service to edit the paper for you.

  • Always trust yourself.

    It is wise to turn to professors and other experienced people for advice. However, do not forget that this project is yours, so no one knows it better than you do. Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to incorporate your personal style into the dissertation. This will help you make the paper unique.

  • Prepare a killer presentation.

    Your defense will be a trial, and you must prepare for it accordingly. Develop a presentation that will impress the board. It should be original and creative, even if your topic is none of those things.