Dissertation Help Online: a Useful Checklist for Submitting Your Paper

Dissertation writing is a long and complex process that may end up draining your energies. It is no surprise that most scholars who have troubles with submission do not have them for a lack of hard work. They lack the energy to really go through the submission guidelines once again and follow them to the last letter. If you have just completed your dissertation writing, you deserve kudos and applause. You have, done what few have the courage to begin! You have researched and compiled a document of academic importance in your field, and you should be proud of it no matter what. Just hold off the party until you have submitted the work to your University. To make your submission pain free, here is a checklist just for you!

  1. The dissertation: Before submitting the final documents, you have to submit your dissertation. Universities have individual guidelines, deadlines, and forms for the process. Generally, you will have to submit an online doctoral dissertation/degree request and a defense/final oral application along with it to qualify for the upcoming term. Your dissertation should be in the .pdf format. Your final approved version will need to be signed by all the committee members for the defense before the submission. Your dissertation should be carefully edited and proofread before submission. Most universities ask for digital submissions to their databases. Do not forget to add a request for delay in publication if you have concerns about copyright or other rights.
  2. Certificate of approved version of your dissertation (by the committee). Every member of your defense committee should sign the hard copy of the certificate. The digital version should only list the names in the required format.
  3. An additional title page.
  4. The final version of the Abstract in .pdf. Some universities require hard copies of the abstract as well.
  5. Earned Doctorate Survey: Complete the National Science Federation’s survey of earned doctorates. It tracks funding, jobs, and grants given to all 48000 PhD’s, every year in the US.
  6. Statement of research in a restricted region. It does not matter whether you did your research in a restricted region or not. Attach copies of IOC approval letter if you did your research in a restricted region.
  7. Statement on research with human participants.
  8. Intellectual property tutorial/document. This varies from institution to institution.
  9. Request to delay publication (if needed).
  10. Processing and publication fees.