Can A Dissertation Sample Really Be Useful?

Writing a dissertation is a stressful and challenging task to take on at the completion of your graduate program. It is rightfully so, because it is the culminating project of years of effort, energy, tests, clinical experiences, and research. This paper is often the gateway to a student’s ability to graduate from a Doctoral program. Without properly composing this one, very long document you will not be able to obtain your certificate or credentials that you worked so tirelessly to achieve. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow all of the guidelines to the document that is outlined by your department. Some of the most common guidelines include:

  • Composing your dissertation in the proper format
  • Sticking to the format the entire way through the paper
  • Using proper grammar and punctuation throughout
  • Utilizing a minimum number of sources to support your argument
  • Citing the sources properly throughout the entire paper
  • Making an argument for an issue related to your subject matter
  • Choosing a side of the argument and sticking to it the entire way through the paper
  • Supporting your argument with valuable research that you conducted
  • Including details from your personal clinical experiences

These are just a few of some of the most important general guidelines for most dissertations.

When you are creating a dissertation, it is often times extremely helpful for students to refer to a sample of a paper that got a perfect, or near perfect grade, and one that did not score as well. This way, students can delineate between the papers and observe the reasons that one of the papers got points taken off. Utilizing a sample dissertation is an excellent way for students to frame their own papers after the model and work toward obtaining a great grade. Many students face difficulties when composing a dissertation because of the fact that professors tend to communicate in a more professional sentence structure and they use industry or literary terms that students are not completely concrete on. This will create an understanding gap, and therefore leave some students who are even putting forth a lot of effort, unable to follow to instructions, as he or she may not fully understand them. There is also room for misinterpretation. These are just some of the reasons that using a sample dissertation can help to make the formatting of a dissertation a lot easier on the students.