How Can You Write A Dissertation and Still Have Time For Other Assignments

Another common question asked by grad students is “How in the world can you write a dissertation and still have time for other assignments?” They stand, mouths gaping when they learn about the detailed research that they are required to do and cannot imagine a world where they can complete a paper of this value AND attend regular scheduled classes. Many students, who have yet to realize that University typically means, “you don’t have a life” are terrified by the concept of completing a 100-page composition on a tight deadline. However to them I reply “How can a single mother support her kids, work, and still have time to put dinner on the table?” “How can a individual in a poverty stricken nation walk 4 hours too water every single day, and 4 hours back hauling a gallon pail that weighs as much as they do? “How can athlete train for 6 hours a day, play an exhibition game, and go home and train for another 2 hours?”

These things are possible only because the individual doing them is dedicated. Students need to be extremely dedicated if they wish to complete their dissertation and attend their classes while maintaining a high GPA. Nobody ever said that it would be easy, and if you have come this far into your academic career then you owe It too yourself to strive forwards.

Tips for Dissertation Paper Time Management

Set Goals

With good time management skills nothing is impossible. As soon as you are given the assignment you need to construct a realistic timeline for completion. Break the paper down into milestones and goals. Then break those goals down into “realistic” deadlines.

Hold Yourself Accountable

You need to discipline yourself, there is only so much time allotted in a week. Sort your hours out into schoolwork, dissertation writing, and extra curricular. If you do not live up to your “set time” then you must find it elsewhere by taking time away from your allotted extra curricular. Remember: “you may not have your cake and eat it too”

Get Help

There are student resources out there created especially to help you get through this rough time. Use these resources, to learn good time management, defeat procrastination and allocated professional writing services to help you get your dissertation done on time.