Physiotherapy Dissertation Ideas - What You Should Write About

Physiotherapy like many branches of medicine is constantly undergoing change today. Hopefully this is all for the better of patients but it is also for the benefit of students in the process of writing a dissertation. New developments in the study of physiotherapy equate to many new dissertation topics. To the question of what you should write about, the immediate answer is that you should consult your supervisor.

By all means be interested in looking for a dissertation topic and particularly so if one seriously appeals to you. Going back to your early days of essay writing you would know that the best approach to writing the essay, thesis or dissertation is to choose a topic about which you are passionate. So having come up with a topic and presented it to your supervisor, once you have approval, you know what to write about.

Has this topic being discussed before?

An eternal question for anyone writing a dissertation and not just physiotherapy students is the popularity of the topic of their dissertation. If they choose a topic which has been written about extensively beforehand, they run the risk of being compared to other dissertations and of course to boring the pants off the person who has to read a dissertation knowing that it is such a common and well discussed topic.

But there is some good news. Even a well-known physiotherapy topic can produce a dissertation which is different because of a different approach to the topic. There are any number of scientific and medical reports available today in which trials have taken place concerning medication, exercise or even philosophy when it comes to the application of physiotherapy.

The physiotherapy dissertation student is literally spoilt for choice. Any reasonable online search will quickly discover a wide range of contemporary physiotherapy topics which can easily be considered as the basis for a dissertation. In the end of course what you write about is your choice. Here are some ideas to at least stimulate your imagination.

  1. What do we know about electrical nerve stimulation and pain threshold?
  2. How has the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis changed over the years?
  3. How is physiotherapy used in the treatment of patients with diabetes?
  4. How are serious injuries to elite athletes treated by physiotherapists?
  5. What do we know about the recovery of stroke victims through specific physiotherapy treatment?