How to Excel in Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

A conclusion in any paper is important because that is the last thing you reader sees. You want to always start and to finish a paper strong. There are several things you must do in the conclusion of your dissertation. Make sure you wrap up the paper, restate your thesis, and never introduce any new ideas in your dissertation conclusion.

Wrap up the Paper

You need to finish the paper. You should briefly summarize what you have said in the paper. You need to make sure what you said is what you meant to say and exactly what your thesis said the paper would be about. Finish the paper and then close the door! You will need to argue this dissertation make sure you close the door strongly.

Restate Your Thesis in Your Conclusion

In the conclusion of your dissertation you want to restate your thesis. Since most dissertations are complex, this restatement may take a few sentences and that is acceptable. It may actually take a paragraph or two. And that, too, is just fine. The wording should never be the exact wording that was used in the thesis statement in the introduction of the dissertation. Make sure that if you modified the thesis as you wrote the paper, that those changes are reflected in the conclusion restatement of the thesis.

Never Introduce Any New Ideas in the Conclusion

It is acceptable to tell a story or use a quote in the conclusion of your dissertation, but beyond that you should not introduce any new facts, data, case studies, or information. This is not a body paragraph, but an ending and closing to all of your body paragraphs. So, make sure you do not include any new information in the conclusion of your dissertation.

A dissertation is a very big step in your academic and professional career. You want to make sure that you give it 100% of your effort. Some of or the entire dissertation may be published and you will need to argue your dissertation to a panel. The last thing the readers will see is the conclusion of the paper. The conclusion needs to be very strong and powerful. You want to make sure you summarize your dissertation argument, you restate your thesis statement, and that you never introduce any new ideas in the conclusion of your dissertation.