How To Write A Dissertation Problem Statement: 5 Rules To Remember

It is important to make your research proposal an organized one. It should be formatted in the correct way, and the content should clearly indicate the relationship between your research and the field of study.

There are quite a few things that should be kept in mind before writing out the first sentence on paper. However, the best way to remember all of them is to jot down the most important ones under five different points.

  • Writing the statement – It is very important to write out the problem statement at the beginning. It is probably the most difficult part, to put down your first sentence on paper. Hence, it is good to get yourself organized first. You can plan out what you are going to write and list it out point wise. You need some samples that can guide you with your statement. Whatever you derive from whichever source, you should jot it down immediately and most importantly should save it.
  • Organizing the proposal – There should be a set of questions revolving and guiding your proposal. So it is important that you write these questions such that they hold your research together and act as a bridge between this work and the previous ones. The questions should be indicative of the relationship between your proposal and your field of study. Hence to make the questions most suitable ones, you should make broad relational types rather than narrow irrelevant ones.
  • Solutions to be provided by the problem statement – There are a few questions to which your proposal should have the answer to. For example,
    • Does the dissertation relate to a significant problem that requires a great amount of research to be done?
    • Should it be an interesting subject matter to members in the same field?
    • Shall there be a generalized conclusion from the findings or shall it have a practical ability?
    • Does the content has clarity and is comprehensible?
    • Has there been a proper explanation of the intention behind the research?
  • Procedures – There should be a section containing details regarding the type of study that is conducted and how it is conducted. It should describe the techniques to analyze the problem. A detailed explanation regarding the procedures to gather the data should be mentioned.
  • Limitations and References – There should definitely be some shortcomings of the research. It might have an impact on the findings. It is important to address these in the content as well. Standard citation methods should be used to include the studies that are cited in the proposal.

Hence, once you have chosen a topic of your choice, you just need to keep note of the above-mentioned points, and surely you will end up doing a great job.