How To Get An Excellent Sample Dissertation Paper On The Web

When doing research for your dissertation, it is always a good idea to look at examples of great past works. This can include papers in your own research area or even in other areas if you are just looking for ideas about how to structure a dissertation and carry through a great paper from hypothesis to experimentation and conclusions.

Here is a listing of great resources where you can find excellent samples of dissertations on the web.

  1. The author’s website
  2. Almost everybody who is anybody has a website nowadays. When people write, they want people to read what they are writing. This is no different for master’s or PhD students. They have spent a significant chunk of their lives obsessing over their research work, not to mention losing all their hair and weakening their eyesight. A lot of effort has gone into the process and now that it is finished, they would like people to read it and appreciate it. That is why they put it up on their websites for all to see. Search with words like “PhD Candidate” or “Master’s Candidate” and you will find plenty of personal websites where you can find great examples of dissertations.

  3. University Archives
  4. Universities like to proudly display the achievements of their star students. Their websites invariably have archive sections of their student’s best work. Some famous universities even make these sections available to the public for free. More and more universities are joining in this effort to promote education. You can find what you are looking for on many a university website.

  5. Online Databases
  6. There are quite a few specialized scholarly databases that carry all sorts of academic works on them. Most of them require a membership but some are available for free. These are simply immense collections and you can basically find anything on them that your heart desires. Become a member and you will have a vast array of information at your fingertips.

  7. Be a Member of a Knowledge-based Community
  8. Become a member of online forums or communities that are based on your particular subject area or interest. Plenty of likeminded former students will be members too. As always, they are only too eager for anyone to read their groundbreaking work, so simply asking will help you get great samples of academic work to read and get inspiration from.