What are the Criteria to Choose the Best Dissertation Writing Service

When you are looking to hire a dissertation writing service you will find that there are many places to look. So what criteria should you use to find the right one?

  • Customer Service
  • Qualifications
  • Price

When you first start your search for a dissertation writing service you will conduct a generic internet search using appropriate keywords. From there you will find a list quite long of potential options. It is now your job to narrow down that list.


First you want to look at the qualifications. You do not want a college student to draft your dissertation. You want someone who is qualified. You don’t want someone from a foreign country who learned English two years ago. They are not qualified. You need to be very specific about your qualifications. If the information about the writers is not present on the site then try another site. If you still want more information about the exact writer who will be handling your project then contact the company. You should get copies of their qualifications before you hire them. You always want to hire someone with one degree higher than the one you are obtaining and if possible with a degree in your field. You do not want to leave your dissertation to chance by hiring a company that claims to have PhD writers but then gives your dissertation to a college kid. Ask to know who exactly will be tasked with your project and what their qualifications are.


You also want to consider price. Many companies charge per page. So the longer your dissertation the more money it will cost you. The less time you leave the writer the more it will cost you. So if you are assigned the task now it do not wait until two weeks before it is due to hire a company or it will cost you quite a bit more.

Customer service

This is an important one. Before you hire any company you want to test their customer service. This includes their response time to your inquiries. You do not want to hire a company with no response policy and then be left waiting for days. Make sure the company offers responses within 24 hours to all messages and test them on this. Try and get a contact number and email address before you hire a company so that you have backup information.