Useful Advice On How To Write A Phd Dissertation

A PhD dissertation is one of the most challenging moments, if not the most challenging moment,  in a person’s academic life. It can take months if not years of hard, lonely work studying and researching and gathering information to support your dissertation. You can make your name academically with an original dissertation.

Some instructions on how to write your PhD dissertation.

  • Fix the completion date of your dissertation usually 6 months from starting.
  • Register how much tile you have to complete the dissertation
  • Set out a work plan
  • Start writing the chapters, which you find the easiest.
  • Try to be original and factual and keep the writing simple with short sentences.
  • Eliminate all distractions including the internet and your emails.
  • Be disciplined in completing the work but find time for breaks.
  • Take exercise and eat well and get enough sleep.
  • Organize tour research data.
  • Set yourself a set number of words to write every day do the revision later.
  • Don’t be over perfectionist in your approach.
  • Keep contact with your thesis committee. Don’t get completely isolated.

Writing the dissertation

  • Begin with the outline, introduction and abstract. Convince the reader.
  • Know your audience and choose your target audience.
  • You may end up completing the introduction last.
  • List work done in the dissertation and why you did it.
  • Coordinate the dissertation so that it follows a logical progression.
  • The thesis defense convince your committee
  • Spend time writing the summary but don’t include everything.
  • Include the chapters where your findings are written up.
  • Expand the text with new ideas and arguments and counter arguments.
  • Check your formatting, spelling and grammar.
  • Constantly review where you are at and where you are going.
  • Plan ahead for research and data collection.
  • Back up your work daily and keep an updated copy of your thesis.
  • Get help with copyediting.
  • Write your acknowledgements page.

Your dissertation may be the hardest piece of work you complete in your life. It’s your project and you have to take ownership of it. No one is going to write it for you though they may proffer advice and suggestions. Be honest with yourself and others and try to deliver a factual presentation, which achieves concrete objectives.