Writing a Dissertation Proposal - a List of Vital Suggestions

Every student knows that writing a dissertation is a major event. But before we get to the major event you need to produce a dissertation proposal. In fact unless you produce a winning dissertation proposal there will be no dissertation. It's as simple as that. So it’s important that you understand the vital components. In this article there are suggestions which go to make up a winning dissertation proposal.

  • Understand the purpose and process.
  • If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.
  • Have both a written and oral presentation prepared.
  • Understand the structure and the value of brevity.
  • Consultation first is always a good idea.

It's important that you understand why you have to create a dissertation proposal. You must understand the contents of the proposal and how you go about creating it and presenting it. Knowledge is power and understanding the content the purpose and the process are all vital suggestions.

If you treat the creation of your dissertation proposal lightly you are doomed to failure. Without your proposal being accepted you won't get the chance to write your dissertation. You need to spend enough time in creating your proposal so that it is fine-tuned and ready to go.

In some cases you will be asked to not only present a written dissertation proposal but to also speak to it as well. In that situation you must rehearse both scenarios. Rehearse the situation. Pretend you are sitting before the board that will assess your dissertation proposal and answer a variety of questions. Have a friend play the role of the inquisitor. Become used to speaking off the cuff and giving the answers that you want to give.

The dissertation proposal will not go on forever. It is important that you make all the relevant and salient points but do so with brevity. This is a perfect example of the truth of the adage that ‘less is more’.

In carpentry the rule is that you ‘measure twice and cut once’. In preparing a dissertation proposal the rule is that you consult first before you go about preparing your proposal. Talk to your supervisor or teachers. Talk to a student who was already had their dissertation proposal accepted. Find out as much about the process as you can before you create your dissertation proposal. Preparation is the key to both the proposal and to the dissertation itself.