A List Of Acute Ideas For A Dissertation In International Relations

Choosing a dissertation topic in international relations may take a while. You can ask your professor to provide you with a list of sample topic ideas, brainstorm with your peers, or search for ideas on the Web. Either way, you can also use the following sample acute topic ideas in order to get started:

  • An event that influenced world politics significantly.
  • You can consider different events. For example, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash. The dissertation may discuss the questions related to the tensions in international relations between the West and Russia after the event.

  • A country-specific foreign policy.
  • It is interesting to study the specific features of the international policy of a particular country. You may consider writing about the position of the ‘superpower’ that the US foreign policy developed in the XX century.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a common international policy in the EU for a particular country.
  • There is a discussion whether all the countries of the EU benefit from the common international policy. You can choose a particular country and write about how that policy influences its national interests.

  • The contradictory politics of the African countries.
  • From the point of view of the Western countries, African countries provide contradictory international policies. The governments cannot be considered democratic, so there are plenty of interesting nuances to highlight in your dissertation.

  • The main goals of the foreign policy.
  • Understanding the main goals of the country’s foreign policy is an important part of international relations. You can compare policies of different governments of the country of your choice to reveal the main similarities and differences.

  • International policy of the young Eastern Europe democracies.
  • After the fall of the Soviet Union, countries of the Eastern Europe have developed closer relationships with the West. However, some countries are closer to Russia, which remains a ‘superpower’ in the region.

  • Communist ideals versus economic integration with the West in China.
  • Although Chinese government still maintains communist ideals, the Western policies have influenced the country. You may study how economic relations enhanced political integration between the two civilizations.

  • The influence of the development of international law on relationships between the countries.
  • This topic may seem rather complicated. However, studying how regional and international law serves their goals is interesting. Analyze the statement that international law is only useful when it is recognized by the majority of countries.

  • The effect of sanctions upon the Iran citizens.
  • You can write about the causes and effects of the sanctions. It also makes sense to evaluate their effectiveness and the negative impact on the poorest citizens in Iran. It is also a good idea to add a description of the current situation.