How To Find Exciting Dissertation Topics No One Has Used Before

This generation prizes creativity above almost everything else. The exception perhaps is confidence which seems to be the chief virtue. As a result, there will be very little praise for students who play it safe and pick easy topics for their dissertations. Here are some methods you can use to push the envelope and do something entirely new:

Look into the newest technology

One of the things that seems to be changing and evolving at a breakneck pace is technology. Previous generations were able to bequeath the ‘technology’ of their era to grandchildren and great grandchildren. Now our tools become outdated within months. If you try to incorporate this into your concept, you may find yourself far more successful at being original.

Check out what’s been done before

Being original is hard because people often come up with identical ideas despite not colluding with each other at all. Very carefully look at what has been written by previous students and see how you can avoid any recurrent themes. It may not always be easy, especially if you realise that the ideas that appeal to you tend to appeal to the crowd. You can overcome this if you are dedicated.

Look into the fringe fields

Every accepted subject has its relative in the fringes that few respected academics would ever be associated with. If you are determined to be creative and bold, such barriers should not frighten you. If you are studying veterinary sciences, look into cryptozoology. If you are a cosmologist, dabble in astrology. Psychology and parapsychology are already so closely linked that it wouldn’t take much of an ideological leap to cross from one to another.

Make an unexpected hybrid

Linking your field to a less accepted version of it will create a type of hybrid but in this case what is meant is something a bit more disjointed. Consider for instance a topic that merges economics and physics or theology and culinary arts. No one will expect it. From the first glance at the title readers will feel compelled to continue reading if only to get a sense of what on earth you meant by it all.

Something that you should not lose track of is that your dissertation is still a paper that needs to make sense. You cannot pick odd topics without a clear plan to write them well.