How to Write a Thesis: a List of Vital Prompts

Many writing prompts for a thesis may start of being a question. Some people may decide to use a question as their main purpose or general idea of their project. But, when you want to change your question into a solid statement, you may need to have a few elements in mind to help you do so. You may have a general idea of what you want to write about, but at the same time it should be something that can be thoroughly researched or argued while being clear and concise at the same time.

Choosing a Good Prompt to Make as Your Main Idea or Topic

Writing a thesis often starts off with ideas such as questions and thoughts. You eventually turn them into a main concept your research will follow. But, in some cases students may not have a good idea of how to write a thesis when they lack topic ideas. In this case it helps to review the main idea behind a thesis and what you hope to accomplish when it is completed.

Your thesis topic should work to explain the following:

  • What is the main point of the topic selected?
  • What should the reading audience know about this topic?
  • Has this topic been thoroughly researched before? How can you make it different.

In many cases a prompt may not be a complete full concept or thought, but more like a question you work to answer through proof, or you may look to turn the question into a solid statement that your research will be based on. Overall, what you select should allow you to explain the problem and describe the solution.

Prompts and Possible Ideas

Brainstorming is a common way to develop content for your thesis. You may start off writing whatever pops into your head and then you go back over what you came up with and begin reviewing possible ideas. Prompts may vary depending on field of study and type of thesis, but you often start off with something broad in general and then you break it down into smaller parts based on raw ideas that come to mind Consider the following prompts for general ideas.

  • What are human rights? How is it defined?
  • How can more people be encouraged to report a crime?
  • Why is it we can’t remember when we were babies?
  • What makes a good parent?