Where to Look for a Revised Dissertation Example: Suggestions from a Professional

A dissertation is a very complicated piece of writing. That being said it is no wonder that many students struggle. It is something that you generally have never written before and in most cases will never write again. This brings with it a great deal of stress because it is considered something unknown. It is something that you have not done for years on and. It is something that you are not familiar with. In situations like this, having a sample that you can review will help you write and edit your dissertation.

There are many websites that claim they offer free examples, but not all of them are to be trusted. If you want to find an example that has been edited, which you can then use as a guide when editing your dissertation, the first place you should look is your library.


Both public and private universities will feature a database of previously written content. When students graduate and complete their dissertation and the papers are then collected and printed in academic journals and the school library. That being said, you can turn to your school library and ask if they have any printed documents on hand. See if they have any journals where the documents of been printed. In many cases, you can work with your school librarian to get your hands on multiple examples that have been edited thoroughly, which you can use as guides when writing yours. You can learn a lot about what is expected of you by reviewing the work of other students who have graduated, and therefore received a high-grade at your particular academic institution. Another place you can look is your advisor and review committee.


Your advisor can generally share a copy of the former students completed dissertation. Chances are they have copies of work that has already been approved by the same committee that is going to review and hopefully approve your work. If you can get a sample from your advisor, that is perfect because it will tell you not only what other students have done and what is generally expected by you was the writer, but what your review committee in particular expects of you. This can give you a great leg up. Always consider your options and use revised Examples to your advantage.